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What does it mean to make a pledge? How does this differ from buying the game? Is this considered a donation or a pre-order?

Crowdfunding endeavors like this campaign are a form of fundraising where all donations contributed go toward the development of a particular project that a large enough amount of people may find interesting.

The donation you make is called a pledge, and is not a pre-order in the traditional sense; in exchange for your pledge, you receive rewards that would either be unavailable at retail (such as special collector's editions), are provided at a discount, or offer some other feature that will not be available to future customers.

As with all crowdfunding endeavors, there is risk associated with pledging. There have been other crowdfunded projects that have had issues completing on time, or worse, completing at all. We highly recommend researching the risks of crowdfunding before pledging. Obsidian has successfully created and delivered a crowdfunded project, Pillars of Eternity, and we plan to use the practices used on that game and lessons learned to protect your pledges and deliver the rewards we're offering.

I'd like to back Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Can I still do so?

Yes, for a limited time we are still accepting new pledges! Please click Pledge Now above to get started. We accept credit card via Stripe and payments with PayPal.

Why do I have to confirm my pledge if I made a pledge on Fig?

For several reasons:

  1. Saves Time and Money: The Backer Portal allows us to coordinate our support efforts between Fig backers and backers who could not or preferred not to use Fig. We can limit the amount of support people needed to manage taking in the amount of information needed for each backer. It's important to us to use your money for making the game as great as we can. We do not use any personal data provided on this site other than to complete your pledge, let you know about the status of the game, or to let you know about games we're making that are similar. We do not share this info with any outside parties other than shipping partners to get you your rewards..
  2. Surveys: Fig allows for surveys, but only for Fig backers. We have many PayPal backers too, and some of our surveys are quite complex at the higher tier levels. Having this in one place makes it much easier to coordinate.
  3. Upgrading: One of our most popular requests has been to allow backers to upgrade their tiers and/or buy more addons after the campaign is over. This portal allows interested users to do that.
  4. Fulfillment: The site allows users a one-stop location to update shipping information and redeem all digital goods, such as game keys and more.