Are you planning on going to PAX Prime - Seattle next weekend? If so, we have something super awesome planned for the show this year!

Obsidian Entertainment Presents: A Pillars of Eternity Retrospective Discussion!

Get an exclusive, never-before-seen look into Pillars of Eternity's creation! The discussion will be jam-packed with stories about the team's successes and failures as they created the Kickstarter-backed game. You'll even get a sneak peek into the future of Pillars of Eternity games, including a breakdown of new game features.

Join Obsidian Entertainment's Josh Sawyer (Game Director), Adam Brennecke (Executive Producer/Lead Programmer) and Brandon Adler (Lead Producer) as they delve into the development highs and lows of creating the critically-acclaimed Pillars of Eternity!

When: Saturday, 8/29 3:00PM-4:00PM

Where: Hydra Theater