The past month has been absolutely incredible. You have blown away our wildest expectations and we are so excited about starting the journey of creating this game for you. The Kickstarter site will be closing down here in the next few hours – 6 PM PDT to be exact. I would like to remind you that you can watch us at the studio for the final countdown beginning at 12 PM (Noon!) PDT. We will be streaming live on UStream and

Final Fun and Silly Reward Tier - Obsidian Loot Bag

Our final fun reward for you is what we are calling the Obsidian Loot Bag at a $350tier with a limit of 30. The Loot Bag contains an AMD Processor donated by our incredible friends over at AMD (you rock Steve Bell!), a signed Obsidian game (not Project Eternity), and a random assortment of Obsidian loot such as pens, coasters, t-shirts, game patches, doodles, etc. The AMD Processor is an A10, does not have a heat sink attached, and will be shipped OEM style. The Loot Bag includes everything in the $250 tier level too. Since we are shipping computer parts, we can't ship outside the USA with this one.

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Here are links to the final complete Add-On List and Reward List:
Add-On List
Reward List

Big Big City #2, What Now?

We dreamed the impossible dream, and hit our stretch goal of the $3.5m mark with Big Big City #2. Because we have another big city in the game, and by popular demand we are adding two additional slots at the $5000 tier for two more taverns.

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As a recap of our stretch goals, here is what you have added to make Project Eternity bigger and better:

  • 11 classes
  • 6 races
  • 8 companions
  • A huge mega dungeon of at least 10 levels (and possibly 11 or 12 by the time this is done!)
  • Player house
  • A stronghold
  • Two big cities
  • And much more.

This will definitely keep us busy over the next 18 months working to bring you Project Eternity.
Early this morning, we took a poll on what you would like to see via Twitter, Facebook, and on our Kickstarter Comments page for remaining stretch goals. Our first reaction is that we want to make the game better instead of just bigger; however we are currently discussing it at the studio right now.

Thank you again from everyone at Obsidian Entertainment. We will see you on the live stream for the final hours of this crazy adventure. The art team put this together to show you a behind the scenes look on how the amazing screenshot was constructed.

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Click here for a larger version.

Update By Adam Brennecke