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Manual Errata

March 24, 2015 11:41 PM

Stay tuned to this page for the latest in manual errata.


  • Perception now affects Interrupt, Deflection, and Reflex.
  • Intellect now affects the Will defense and Durations and Areas of Effect for all abilities and talents.
  • Resolve now affects Concentration, Deflection, and Will.


  • Damage Threshold is now called Damage Reduction.
  • Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit ranges have changed.
    • A Miss is any attack roll that is 15 or less. Does no damage and inflicts no status effects or afflictions.
    • A Graze is any attack roll that is between 16 and 50. Reduces damage and duration by 50%.
    • A Hit is any attack roll that is between 50 and 100. Standard damage with standard duration.
    • A Crit is any attack roll over 100. Damage is increased by 50%.



Island Aumaua

  • The Island Aumaua racial bonus has changed. They now have Armed to the Teeth - All Island Aumaua gain an additional Weapon Set.


Death Godlike

  • Death's Usher now affects enemies with 25% or less endurance.

Nature Godlike

  • Wellspring of Life now grants a bonus to Might, Constitution, and Dexterity when Endurance is below 50%.




  • Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr is now a 3rd level chant.



  • Touch of Rot has been deprecated from the 1st level druid spell list and replaced with Nature's Vigor, which does regeneration (like Nature's Balm) and adds to Max Endurance.
  • The 1st level druid spell Talon's Reach is now Foe-Only.
  • Nature's Mark should read as "Enemies are outlined in pale green light, decreasing their Deflection and Reflex defenses.



  • Crippling Guard has been removed from the game. Instead, Fighters now have Disciplined Barrage.
  • Confident Aim should read as a 20% increase in minimum damage, instead of 25%.



  • Flames of Devotion is now 2/per encounter.



  • Driving Flight now hits creatures in a 90 degree arc.
  • Master's Call now summons the pet to the ranger and can knock enemies Prone along the way.
  • Rangers no longer share Health and Endurance with their animal companion. Instead, if a ranger or animal companion are knocked unconscious, the partner suffers from Bonded Grief, affecting Accuracy and other stats, until the downed ally is revived. If a ranger is ever killed, the animal companion immediately dies from grief.



  • The Lore skill affects the ability to use scrolls.



  • Flails no longer negate deflection bonuses, but instead convert Grazes to Hits.


  • Arbalests no longer have fast reload. Their bonus is that they can knock Prone on Crit.


  • "The house will earn the player money on a scale determined by its Prestige and Security. This sum will be automatically collected for the player" should reference the Stronghold, not the house.