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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Update 23 - Creature Feature - All About Naga!

March 14, 2017 3:00 PM

Welcome, fellow wanderers! It's been a week, but we have quite a few new tidbits to share with you. First: we wanted to let you know that we're drawing ever closer to our goal of $4.75 million - sea monsters and fishing in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

How are we getting more funds to the campaign? Simple: through "slacker" backers. There are two ways you can back us:

  • Over on Fig - Just click the Slacker Backer button to back us, change how you've already backed us, or add an add-on item to your order.
    • Our current total earnings from Slacker Backers on Fig is right about $84,000.
  • Through Our Backer Portal - Head on over to the Deadfire Backer Portal to back us there. Also, you'll want to register at the backer portal in order to set up your order for fulfillment, whether you backed us via Fig or the portal. Plus, the backer portal is PayPal compatible, so if you want to use PayPal, that's where you'll want to go!
    • Our current total earnings from Slacker Backers on our portal is about: $63,500.

That puts our total earnings from Slacker Backers at around $147,500, and our overall campaign total at just over $4.55 million. There are 42 days remaining until we stop accepting Slacker Backers. You have until April 25th, so spread the word to help us reach our $4.75M stretch goal, and eventually $5M for our awesome 8th companion, Ydwin!

Regarding the Backer Portal: Expect another update from us very soon with instructions for linking your pledges and claiming your Tyranny coupon! All of your rewards and add-ons will be completely transferred over to the Backer Portal very soon, so keep an eye out for that update. Tyranny coupons will be valid until May 31st.

Now, an introduction to one of our creatures in Pillars II!

All About Naga

Behold the intimidating and cunning naga, one of our many types of creatures in Pillars II:

Variants, Types & Abilities

There are three variants of naga with their own resistances and weaknesses:

  • Naga (Poison)
    • Resistances: Poison
    • Weaknesses: None
  • Flame Naga (Fire)
    • Resistances: Dexterity Afflictions (Hobbled, Immobilize, Paralyze), Piercing Resistance
    • Weaknesses: Slashing, Water
  • Coral Naga (Water)
    • Resistances: Dexterity Afflictions (Hobbled, Immobilize, Paralyze), Piercing Resistance
    • Weaknesses: Slashing, Shock

The variants can be further broken down into types, each with their own unique abilities:

  • Warriors: The least intelligent type of naga. These are brutes focused primarily on dealing melee damage.

Skirmishers: Also known as archers. Skirmishers are the most venomous, cunning, and deadly.

Shamans: Spiritual and political leaders. Most intelligent and Druid/Priest casters.

Abilities broken down by variants and type:


Naga are a species of intelligent, reptilian wilder. They are native to many islands in the Deadfire Archipelago, and their various subspecies have adapted to a variety of conditions present there, including jungles, coral atolls, and volcanic slopes.

Social by nature, they tend to live in large groups, often under the guidance of spiritual leaders. Most are highly religious and consider themselves more sensitive to the will of the gods than kith societies, which has led to violent confrontations between the native naga and the many newcomers to Deadfire. On the other hand, they maintain neutral relationships with most Huana tribes.

Their long-established oral tradition tells of the cataclysmic devastation of the archipelago millennia ago, and of the kith misdeeds that preceded it. Many attribute naga hostilities to these tales and to the mistrust they engender.

As development continues, we will update you with more in-game footage, animations, and information about the naga and other creatures living within Deadfire.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our Backer Portal update!