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Update #107: The Last Backer Reward, a Beta, and a Survey

October 10, 2016 12:00 AM

Update by Justin Britch, Lead Producer

The House of Wael

House of Wael Cover Art

For any backer that gets the novella as part of their rewards (if you pledged $50 or more) it is now available on Steam and through the Backer Portal's Products page. With this final reward in place, the full Pillars of Eternity experience is available to our backers.

The House of Wael is a multilayered narrative that tells the story of a young boy's encounter with a strange house that might just be the work of Wael, god of mysteries. Taken in by its stern caretaker, the boy is introduced to a building where rugs grow food, where stairs are as likely to end in a pit as a floor, and where the gods' deepest secrets line the halls like artwork in a museum.

Yet for all of its puzzles, the most challenging may be the one the boy needs most desperately to solve: discovering the way out.

We really appreciate the ride you have taken with us over the years. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to achieve so much with Pillars.

Update 3.04 Beta and Feedback Contest

Update 3.04 is now available as a beta branch on Steam and we would love feedback on some of the changes in the patch, or major issues you would like to see addressed. We are running a contest on our forums where you could win Obsidian and Pillars of Eternity swag by participating in the beta. Full details here.

To view the current patch notes for 3.04, head over to the Obsidian forums and check them out.

Also, if you’re using the standalone CD version of Pillars of Eternity, you can find the Windows, Mac, and Linux 3.03 patch on our website. If you purchased the expansions, you can find the standalone installers on the site as well.

Pillars of Eternity Survey

We want to hear back from you about how you played Pillars of Eternity. Your feedback will help us make better games in the future. If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and opinions, you can find the survey here.

Figin’ it Forward: Wasteland 3

Back Wasteland 3 on Fig!

InXile is back with a sequel to their first crowdfunded game, Wasteland 2. Wasteland 3 is a party-based role-playing game that will take place in the lands of frozen Colorado, where survival is difficult and a happy outcome is never guaranteed. Players will face difficult moral choices and make sacrifices that will change the game world. Wasteland 3 is introducing vehicles, story-driven multiplayer, a revamped dialog system, and your own base of operations. Check it out here.

That’s everything for this update. Thanks everyone!