Update by Darren Monahan, Fulfillment Fellow and Obsidian Cofounder

Hi everyone,

With the backer beta out now, and the *con season (Gamescom, PAX, Gen Con, et al.) coming to a close for the year, we wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been up to. We’re busy working on three big things: 1) getting everything on the fulfillment side ready to go, 2) working through many changes and improvements based on feedback from folks playing the backer beta, and 3) wrapping up the game proper.


As of this week, we’re busy finishing and/or approving all of the final designs for nearly all of the physical rewards so production can begin. It’s very exciting to see this all coming together and often isn’t part of the process we get to be involved in at such a deep level on our other projects. It’s one thing to have a playable game here in the studio that we continually maintain – it’s another to be able to really help design the look, feel, and content of every little bit of what comprises a game that ultimately will ship out to you.

Here’s a sample of what the collector’s edition box is going to look like for backers:

In future updates we’ll show some of the other goodies.

We’ve been working really closely with the great folks at Dark Horse who are putting together the finishing touches on the amazing Collector’s Book for the game, and the equally great folks at Prima are busy working on the strategy guide. We’re working with the same author from the Fallout: New Vegas strategy guide, which we’re very excited about!

Backer Beta Feedback

A very big THANK YOU to all of those playing the backer beta and providing feedback on our forums! We’re focusing on a lot of changes right now based on your feedback – big improvements to pathfinding and combat, some significant changes to scouting and stealth and how they work, and we’re doing a lot of reviews on the game’s UI and overall presentation to improve the experience. Expect to see a lot of changes coming in on the beta over the coming weeks. Again, thank you to all of you providing feedback – we really appreciate it. We have folks internally who are scouring every single post and thread daily to move bugs and other feedback into our bug tracking system internally.

Wrapping the Game Up

Over the next several weeks, the team is focusing on a couple key things: area and quest finalization and plowing through the many final tasks and bugs. To keep things “old school”, we’re even employing the Quest Whiteboard of Baldur’s Gate 2 and Icewind Dale fame, where all of the quests in the game are posted on a very visible whiteboard in the office, and designers and QA fight (to the death?!) to certify that quests are 100% done and clean, by removing the evil X’s in their respective department columns. In this case, two X’s enter, ZERO X’s leave. That’s the goal anyway. Here it is as it was finished being set up - note, each item on this board can have many steps and states that all have to be checked before the X can come off for the entire thing.

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with some more pics of other physical rewards and an update on how we’re doing. Have a great weekend!

Wasteland 2 is Out!

By the way, since today is Friday, September 19th – Wasteland 2 is now shipping!

Congratulations to our good friends and fellow ex-Interplay/Black Islanders over at inXile Entertainment on their release today of Wasteland 2! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend – hopefully you’ll be doing the same!

If you’re not familiar with Wasteland 2, it’s the modern follow up to the granddaddy of post-apocalyptic RPG’s, Wasteland; it’s actually one of the games that heavily inspired me to first apply at Interplay back in 1994. It’s exciting to see it come out and that so many backers, like many of you, were a big part of it being made in the first place.

Head over to the Wasteland 2 Steam page to check it out.

If you’re one of the folks who gets a copy of the game as a reward for one of your Pillars of Eternity tiers, the Steam version is available immediately, and for those of you who prefer to get the game on GOG, we’ll have an announcement shortly once we have those keys ready for distribution.

Again, congrats to the team at inXile!