Welcome Seafaring Friends,

Your adventures across the Deadfire region will soon begin, and where they will lead you is anyone's guess. There will be plenty of tough choices to make and challenges ahead. To help you prepare, we've put a scavenger hunt together that will bestow upon you various digital rewards for use during your journey. These can only be unlocked if you are able to hunt down and find the secret codes hidden in all manner of Deadfire assets around the web: in trailers, screenshots, livestreams, at events, and more!

Steps to start your seafaring adventure are simple:

  1. Sign up to take part using Steam account details
  2. Search for hidden codes in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire assets
  3. Once you've found a code, sign in to your Captain's Logbook and enter the code
  4. After you have enough codes entered for each item, your digital reward will be added to your Steam account. There are 10 items to unlock in total.
  5. Once the game launches, your unlocked items will appear in your inventory

Happy Hunting!

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