Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Greetings, Watchers! Yesterday was an exciting day for all of us as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! We are extremely excited for all of you to continue your journey through Eora on the console.

To coincide with this release, our very own Alec Frey, Production Director here at Obsidian, wrote a post on what it took to make a boss fight. The example talked about in this article is regarding an encounter in The Forgotten Sanctum DLC, so if you have not experienced this fight just yet, you may want to wait to read the article as there are things discussed that could be considered spoilers.

Also, should you encounter any issues while playing the game, feel free to check our Technical Support forums to see if your issue has been reported and whether a resolution has been found. If you cannot find your issue, you can start a new thread and share your issue and any additional information you think might be helpful in finding a resolution for this. You can also reach out to Versus Evil Support Team so they can work with you to help you get back to your adventures.

Good luck, Watchers, and have fun out there!

For more details on this release, visit the Versus Evil announcement on their website.