Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Update #55: Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Preview

Greetings, Watchers,

We hope you've been enjoying all the soft balls we've used to ease you into Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire's combat until now, but the baby gloves are coming off. This month, we're releasing the Abydon and Skaen challenges in Patch 2.1, a Mega Boss for those who adhere to the "get good" philosophy, and an entire DLC focused around proving your worth through glorious combat. Prepare yourselves, Watchers - none of this is for the unworthy.

Seeker, Slayer, Survivor

Far from the bustling trade lanes of the Deadfire Archipelego, the most ambitious warriors of Eora gather to compete for divine favor. Face the challenges of Kazuwari's Crucible and seek treasure and truth in an arena designed to test the mettle of you and your party. Slay your way through the most challenging foes you have ever faced, both past and present. Survive the trials and whims of the spirits and their worshipers to prove you stand above even the greatest the Deadfire has to offer. 

Be ready, Watcher. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor comes September 25th.

Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Screenshots

Seeker, Slayer, Survivor Wallpapers

2560x1440 Wide 

2048x1536 Standard

Patch 2.1 and Incoming


Patch 2.1 will be available on September 11th! It's currently on the Beta Branch, and we welcome any feedback you might have for the God Challenges below:

  • Abydon - The more you use weapons and armor, the more they will wear down and become "Damaged". This modifier will make them progressively worse and eventually destroy them, unless the mods are removed through Enchantments. Choose the items you will wear into battle wisely!
  • Skaen - With Skaen's challenge, when indoors or at night, fog of war encroaches more. Torches and lanterns can partially offset the additional fog of war, but only a little.

Next month, we'll be bringing our first Mega Boss, Belranga, to Deadfire. This poison-dripping monstrosity is only for the highest leveled players and will test your party's mettle to new heights. We'll have more information on Belranga and her ravenous brood in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Tales from the Deadfire

Narrative Designer Paul Kirsch wrote a few preludes (including a choose your own adventure story!) to the Beast of Winter - you can check them out on our media page, or directly through the links below.

Mouth of the Beast

Panels, Interviews, and More!

Our Deadfire DLC team went to PAX this year! Check out their panel as they discuss how they created Vatnir from thought, to paper, to playable character. Take a look at this Pax highlight on Twitch to see just how the poor godlike came to be. 

 Game directors Josh Sawyer and Brandon Adler were also at Gamescom this year, where they talked about DLC's, upcoming updates, and other inscrutable insights available only to directors. Check them out below.

Physical Backer Rewards Update

Good news for our Non-Americas/Oceania backers! We've confirmed that our new distributor has received inventory and shipment has started -   check out our support page with the latest news on physical rewards, or send us an email at support@obsidian.net. Please also whitelist support@vsevil.net if you're in the Americas or Oceania and have yet to receive your rewards or check your spam folder for an email containing tracking information!

Current Timeline


Thank you again for your continued support! If you have any issues with the game, contact us through our support portal to help you on your journey.


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