Update #78: The Leaders of the Band: Chanters and Priests

May 14, 2014 10:04 AM

Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director For our third class update, we will be covering chanters and priests. Along with paladins (covered in Update 56), these classes provide parties with their core support bonuses and...

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Update #77: Art in Alpha

April 29, 2014 5:18 PM

Update by Rose Gomez, Associate Producer Greetings backers! In today's update, we've got some great new character and area art for you to check out. Our artists have been hard at work creating beautiful new...

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Update #76: Music in Pillars of Eternity

April 15, 2014 2:46 PM

Public Service Announcement by Darren Monahan, web guyBefore we get started on this week’s update, we wanted to make all of you aware of a very serious website vulnerability called “Heartbleed” that was discovered since...

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Update #75: Bringing Creatures to Life: Animation on Pillars of Eternity

April 1, 2014 4:23 PM

Update by Rose Gomez, Associate Producer Hello backers! After a successful week at GDC everyone is back in the office energized and inspired. This week we'll be taking a look at what the life of...

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Update #74: The Mob Rulers: Wizards and Druids and our Partnership with Paradox

March 18, 2014 5:02 PM

Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director Welcome to our second class pair update. This week, by popular vote on our forums, we will be looking at the folks who rain down death (figuratively and literally)...

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Update #73: Narrative Design: A Day in the Life, Companion Goals, and the Undead

February 25, 2014 3:57 PM

Update by Eric Fenstermaker, Lead Narrative Designer Undead abound in Heritage Hill. Hey everybody. I'm Eric Fenstermaker and I'm the lead narrative designer on Pillars of Eternity. Before this I held the same position on...

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